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White Dove Releases

The release of white doves has been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries adding a special touch.   Add a little of elegance and beautiful lasting memories to any special event! for your Wedding, Birthdays, Memorial or Funerals, etc.......

Add something special leaving everyone an unexpected, treasure-able and unforgettable memory to remember!

This breathtaking event will leave memories worth wanting to pass for generations to come.  Guests will be amazed seeing these wonderful homing pigeons soar into the sky, so strengthen in the faith and enojoy the feeling of  overflowing thankfulness watching beauty released into the sky.  

White Homing Pigeons soar into the sky and circle overhead, this is truly breathtaking and amazing to watch.

A white dove release is symbolic of Love, Devotion, Partnership, Peace, Fertility, Hope, Prosperity, Riches, Serenity, Holy Spirit, Celebration and New Beginnings.

White Dove Release Terms & Agreement:        





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These beautiful butterflies may also be a consideration to any event!.

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