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These are a few pigeons breeds I currently have,.    Enjoy!

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Racing Pigeons 1.


Origin; Belgium and England. 

Description;  The Racing Homer is a performing bird.  The one essential is for fast return and quick trapping from practice flight or race.

Colour & Exibition

2.Archangel, Origin; Unknown. South Germany, the west Austrian province of Tirol, Russian city of Archangel, and Italy hav all been suggested as possible sites of origin.  The most likely theory is that the Archangel is an ancient breed, coming originally from Asia.  Description; Erect and has a slender head, beak, neck, and body.  It is fairly tight-feathered. Color; Dark bronze, Light bronze,Blue , Red, Yellow or Gold, white wing or blackwing, bar/barless etc.

3.Lahore, 4.Jacobin, 5.Bokhara Trumpeter, 6.Indian Fantails, 7.Fantails,8.Frillback,34. Pheasant Pigeon, 41. Mookies, 44. Warsaw Butterfly

Flying Tumblers and Highfliers

9.Rollers, 10.Iranian Highfliers, 11.Wuta, 12.Doneks, 13.Tippler,14.Komorner Tumblers, 15.Uzbeck Tumblers, 16.West of England Tumblers, 17.Volga Tumblers, 18.Berhardin Tumblers,19. Koro Tumblers, 35. Timisoara Tumblers, 36. Old English Muffed Tumblers,  37. English Muffed Tumbles, 38. Catalonian Tumblers, 39. English Short Face Tumblers, 40. Berliner Tumblers,42. NYC Flying Flights 43. Parlor Tumblers, Chinese Nasal-Tufted, Lebanon,


20.African Owl,21.Chinese Owl ,22.Old German Owl

Pouters and Croppers

23.Brunner Pouters,  24.Thief Pouters,

Utility Pigeons

25.Giant Runts,  26.Strassers, 44. Parkin Kaniks

Voice Pigeons  

32.Arabian Trumpeters,  Origin; Said to be Saudi Arabia, in and aroung Mecca, centries ago.  Description; Its voice is its feature of interest. stouter of neck and broader of breast, with shorter wings and legs than a feral pigeon.  many colors.  33.White Thailand Lauchers; origin Saudi Arabia through Thailand  Description; bred primarily for quality of voice,  Its winds are long and strong.  plain headed and clean legged.  Selft white and self black occur.


 Rollers              See Video;      Platz, Turner,

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