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From my standpoint, I personally think a family is a group of persons united not only by blood, but also by love.  Understanding that there will be fights or a misunderstanding but with consideration, respect, tolerance and trust for each other.  Making each mistake into an experience of development, and taking the important things in life and influencing good behavior habits.  Thinking of the benefits to its members without considering a benefit or gain for ones self. Sharing things and trying to help each other in any situation for the best and always wanting to motivate each other to succeed in what ever they choose in life. In brief, I think that a family is uniting in love.

Father’s Love, Mother’s Love, Son's Love, Daughter Love, Brother’s Love, Sister’s Love, Grand children’s Love, Grandmother’s Love, Grandfather’s Love, Uncle’s Love, Aunt’s Love, Cousin's Love, Nephew's Love,  Niece's Love, Partner’s Love, Friend’s Love, and the love for Humanity.

Encouraging people to understand that this planet as our common home.  Peace

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